Women’s empowerment


A Council of European Jamaats session on women’s empowerment prompted discussion around women and the challenges they face, the different areas where they can experience growth and next steps. The aim of these discussions is to address needs related to women and how to engage better participation from women in the community.

Ten points raised were:

  1. We need to separate culture from religion
  2. Provide equal opportunities for both genders
  3. Use the mimbar/majalis to define the rights and roles of women in Islam
  4. Create networks for skills sharing and building capacity
  5. Equal participation and leadership within our communities
  6. Facilitate for women to have access to Alims
  7. Investing in Alimahs
  8. Address issues around domestic abuse
  9. Breaking the barriers within which are preventing women from accomplishing to their potential
  10. Create support networks for single/divorced/widowed women

The session, held on 19 January, was facilitated by Esmat Jeraj and Mariam Hassam and attended by female representatives from mostly Stanmore Jamaat.

Work will continue from the outcomes of these discussions.


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