$1 million food drop


The Jaffer Foundation in Kenya has donated a remarkable USD 1 million in food rations in an exceptional initiative to serve humanity during Ramadhan.

Around 20,000 bags of food essentials have been distributed in Kenya’s Coast region after a towering stack of supplies was assembled at a warehouse then sent out to local families.

The rations include flour, dates and oil and will be particularly welcome after a tough year for coastal communities.

For 2019 the Jaffer Foundation has increased its annual Ramadhan donation to a wonderful 120 million Kenyan Shilling (circa USD 1 million) in food rations.

The Foundation said: “Allah has given us another chance to serve the community and serve humanity. For our foundation this is an annual event at Ramadhan to distribute food.

“This year has been particularly difficult on the land so our budget is higher. Commodity prices are also higher but it is important that our brothers and sisters have enough food.

“We are distributing 20,000 bags all around the region with basic commodities like flour, dates and oil, and we intend to reach into every area. We wish everyone a happy Ramadhan.”

The Jaffer Foundation Charitable Trust’s main philanthropy activities cater for water, health and education projects to help change the lives of communities in the Coast region.

Find out more about the USD 1 million initiative here


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