Orlando Khojas join Interfaith Day


Khojas have joined groups of all faiths in a day of unity and peace at a church in Florida.

The Outreach Team from the Husseini Islamic Center (HIC) in Orlando enjoyed a morning filled with diverse forms of worship, as the church invited all interfaith communities and cultures to participate.

The team also had the chance to bring delicious homemade food to share with other guests.

From Adhan recited at the start of the ceremony, to hymns read in Swahili, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, the congregation engaged in sharing and participating in various forms of praising God.

Coming together

Pastor Tom Lyberg spoke about having a glimpse into “God’s Kingdom” as groups of all faiths came together in peace.

Sheikh Mujtaba Khaliq shared verses from the Qur’an on unity, righteousness and the oneness of the message of God.

The Interfaith Day was held at the St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Winter Park, Florida.

HIC Outreach Director Minaz Manekia said: “The service concluded with an interfaith luncheon, where all invited groups brought foods of their own culture to share with everyone. We are grateful for the invitation and including us in their Interfaith service.”



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