Tarbiyah Curriculum Training


Twenty-one teachers from various madaris have participated in a Tarbiyah Curriculum Training Programme run by the Council of European Jamaats.

Some of the objectives of the programme are:

  • Gain a broad understanding of the structure and function of MCE
  • Review the history and background of the Tarbiyah Curriculum
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Tarbiyah Curriculum design, pedagogy and methodology
  • Look at what an integrated lesson looks like
  • Gain understanding on what a learner-centred lesson means
  • Experience an actual lesson demonstration.

Brilliant explanations

Feedback from the session at Northwood School on 27 January included:

What aspect did you enjoy most about the training workshop?

“Brilliant explanations and very clear answering of questions”
“Interactive activities, lesson demonstrations, outdoor activities and group discussions”

What is the most valuable learning you are taking away from this training workshop?

“How to plan lessons, including different processes and how to deliver them according to age group”
“How to incorporate an integrated approach to the lessons”

This training was facilitated by Fatim Panjwani, Kumail Jaffer, and Shabniz Kaba.