Game-changing Pakistan programme wins high praise


A groundbreaking programme to empower girls and young women with skills in information technology is creating lifetime opportunities.

The CodeGirls programme run in Karachi by HBT (the Haydari Benevolent Trust) is a game-changer for the Khoja community.

It is getting young women out of their comfort zone, into economic productivity and up the social ladder. They get free professional training for jobs that can transform their life prospects, give them confidence and help uplift their family and community.

After eight months’ training in computer coding from female entrepreneurs, then four months’ hand-holding to prepare them to join the workforce, they will be able to earn up to $1,000 dollars a month from home.

Extremely positive feedback

The latest Progress Report on the scheme has revealed exceptional feedback. It says:

“The Feedback of the programme from the community in general and girls in particular is extremely positive and satisfying. Their parents pay their gratitude to Sponsors and HBT for providing them with such a life-time opportunity and opening a new chapter in their daughters’ lives. Now every girl in the community wants to become part of this programme.”

There are 51 Khoja young women already in the pilot programme in Karachi, and HBT hopes to add another 200 throughout 2019. Each receives constant follow-up and support.

Sibtein Asaria, a co-sponsor of HBT, said: “On a recent visit to Karachi I was privileged to see the enthusiasm of two aspiring young women who are lifting the social burdens and educating themselves through CodeGirls. These are jobs that really allow them to fulfill their potential.”


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