Life-saving health sessions at Karachi Jamaat


A number of important healthcare initiatives have been run recently for the benefit of members of the Karachi Jamaat.

The Fatimiyah Hospital ran sessions on how to operate a ventilator, covering both basic and waveform analysis. Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) and nurses attended the sessions. They included practical demonstrations of a ventilator and the critical role it has in the care of patients, especially premature infants and cases which involve burns and traumas.

There was also a session on nutritional management in diarrheal disease of children under the age of five, attended by nursing staff and RMOs. It involved understanding the critical nature of diarrhoea in malnutrition and child mortality. Prevention measures such as adequate hygiene and sanitation and drinking water were discussed. The treatment and management of diarrhoea due to lactose intolerance was also covered.

Managing diabetes

The hospital has also run a session on managing diabetes. The importance of a healthy lifestyle was discussed, as were the myths surrounding diabetes. The necessity of creating a comprehensive strategy to incorporate screening, prevention and treatment of type-2 diabetes was also covered. There was a two-day educational activity for patients at Fatimiyah Hospital including diet awareness and BMI measurement.

The Fatimiyah School of Nursing (FSoN) held its orientation session for the new intake of LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) students, inspiring them with the history of FSoN, and on its unique academic and practical facilities. The students were encouraged to continue the legacy of achievement at FSoN, as well as the career growth opportunities in the nursing profession.

There are clearly a wide range of promising developments and educational prospects for healthcare in the Karachi Khoja community.


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