Jobs push spearheads Karachi community efforts


A careers drive at Karachi Jamaat has led to more than 100 successful placements in the last year.

The Career Facilitation Desk at KPSIAJ aims to equip young people with skills to help them find better jobs. It offers placements, performance evaluation and continuous professional guidance.

High-quality sport

The Karachi Jamaat has also been the focus of community sports efforts, with the Fatimiyah Sports Complex (FSC) undergoing maintenance work on the gym, table tennis room and squash court to ensure high quality services to youngsters, especially during the summer holidays.

The FSC Swimming Gala was also held for male swimmers of KPSIAJ and Fatimiyah School: 32 participants across different age categories competed for a total of eight events, such as freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.

Meanwhile, the Fatimiyah Community Centre (Ghusal Khana) and Graveyards have continued to be used by the community. A total of 170 nikahs were registered with the Jamaat between July 2018 and April 2019.