Toronto Jamaat supplies coronavirus medics


Toronto Jamaat has raised thousands of dollars to supply frontline medical staff battling Covid-19.

A group of volunteers delivered masks, gloves and sanitisers to Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill Hospital.

Many members of the Khoja community in Toronto use the hospital and wanted to show support for healthcare workers.

Generous donation praised

The delivery was praised as a “generous donation” on local television news, where a report ran on Toronto’s CityNews programme.

The action not only helped hospital staff at a difficult time but showed how much the Jamaat is embedded in the local community.

Next level of support

Mackenzie Health CEO Altaf Stationwala said: “Morale is exceptionally high and we are doing the best we can to support staff. What takes it to the next level of support is when the community understands what they’re going through and steps up like today.”

The Jamaat will continue to fundraise for supplies for as long as is necessary.