Towards a Strong Social/Spiritual Community


The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) has organized a two-day workshop to synchronize institutions around identifying and addressing the ongoing social challenges to enhancing spiritual development in our community.

Entitled Towards Strong Social/Spiritual Community, this program created effective networking and provided a platform to discuss and address contemporary issues as well as challenges pertaining to social vices facing the community in this globalized world under the influence of social media.

The workshop was attended by representatives of Arusha, CROI (Madagascar), Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Nairobi Jamaats.  Also in attendance were the Vice Chairman of Dar es Salaam Jamaat Muslim bhai Meghji, the Vice Chairman of Mwanza Jamaat Mohamed bhai Moledina, the Chairman of Nairobi Jamaat, Zaheerabbas Khimji, Irphane bhai Badouraly from CROI Madagascar, Maulana Syed Adeel Raza the Resident Aalim of Dar es Salaam Jamaat and Sheikh Mahmood Daya.

Highlighting challenges

The main areas of focus and discussion were:

  • Children & Parenting by Sheikh Azim Shirazi
  • Effectiveness of Mimbar by Seyed Mohamed Naqvi
  • Stronger women to a successful society by Sheikh Nuru Mohamed.

Sheikh Shirazi explained modern parenting challenges such as digital addiction, children’s temperament and lack of communication.

Seyed Mohamed Naqvi said challenges limiting mimbar effectiveness included misconceptions, incorrect cultural influence, lack of discussion of present-day issues, lack of use of technology and irrelevant subjects.

Sheikh Nuru shed light on the challenges faced by women in our community. He strongly emphasized the need to create a good, effective system to address issues and support families facing these challenges. He further expounded on key issues such as abuse, lack of mutual goals/responsibilities, unrealistic expectations, protection and security.

Action plan

Groups discussion were led under the mentorship of the speakers.

After two days’ active deliberation, an action plan was agreed to address the challenges discussed:


  • To conduct a mental health survey then create awareness based on the results
  • To create a Children Subcommittee under Tabligh Board
  • To facilitate programs involving children and parents
  • To encourage camps for young parents.

Mimbar: (Evolution with Time)

  • To organize periodic compulsory meetings of scholars to address contemporary issues
  • Supplementary platforms should be encouraged such as forums, retreats and seminars
  • Content and its authenticity should be addressed in scholars’ meetings.

Women (Family Affairs):

  • Creation of a subcommittee for support services
  • Investing and supporting education through experts
  • Building mindset and values for family life
  • Creating awareness of different forms of abuse as well as inculcating values.

AFTAB Secretariat


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