Tribute to an acclaimed Shia scholar, a passionate supporter of ethnic and sectarian harmony from Karachi


Acclaimed Shia scholar Allama Talib Jauhari, a passionate supporter of ethnic and sectarian harmony, has passed away in Karachi.

A powerful orator, he was also a poet, historian, philosopher and author who was known for promoting Shia Sunni unity.

He was not only respected among the Shia community in India and Pakistan but Sunnis also used to attend his lectures to hear his logical and compelling Tafseer-e-Qur’an.

Rich tribute

The eminent theologian, public speaker and Qur’anic interpreter passed away on 22 June. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sent a message of condolence to his bereaved family and paid him rich tribute.

Allama Talib Jauhari was born on 27 August 1938 in Patna – Bihar (British India). His father Maulana Muhammad Mustafa Jauhar was a prominent scholar and an Urdu poet known for his exceptional poetry about the household of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Allama Talib Jauhari studied Islamic theology in Najaf, Iraq, under Ayatullah al Uzma Sayyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei and Syed Mohsin ul Hakeem. He was a student of Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Baqir Al-Sadr. He was a classmate of Ayatullah al Uzma Sayyid Ali Sistani, although Ayatullah Sistani was among his seniors.  Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi and Ayatullah Mehmood Shahrozi (Chief Justice of Iran) were also his classmates.

Exceptional books

He wrote some of the most exceptional Urdu books on Tafseer, philosophy and history (Maqtal), and Hadith, including a detailed commentary on the Qur’an.

His book “Alamaat e Zahoor e Mehdi(s)” is considered one of the most comprehensive written in Urdu on the topic of Imam Mehdi(s), the awaited saviour. In it, Allama Talib Jauhari compiled the details recorded in Shia and Sunni sources on the subject of Imam Mehdi(s). The book explains that a total of 2,870 narrations are recorded in both Shia and Sunni sources explaining the signs, attributes, birth, occultation and reappearance of Imam Mehdi(s).

His book “Hadees-e-Karbala” is one of the few “Maqtal” written in Urdu and is considered one of the best compiled sources to the traditions related to the Event of Karbala.

He was also a poet, and three compilations of his poetry were published during his lifetime.

Surah Al-Fateha requested

Allama Talib Jauhari was suffering from a heart condition. He had been undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karachi for several days and was on a ventilator. His son Riaz Jauhari confirmed his death and said the body had been taken to Ancholi Imambargah.

Surah Al-Fateha is requested for Allama Talib Jauhari. Kindly offer Sadqa-e-Jariya for the Esale Sawab of Marhum by reciting Namaaz e Wahshat and Namaaz Hadiya Mayyit.


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